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These companies were affected by the Silicon Valley Bank crash

The New York-based privately owned toy store took to social media for help just hours after regulators shut down Silicon Valley Bank on Friday.

“Our bank got shut down by regulators, so we’re asking that you RUN, don’t walk to our BANKRUN sale,” the company posted on its social media accounts with a picture of a girl looking solemn and text reading, “When your bank collapses.” The retail company asked customers to purchase items at a 40 percent discount on its online sale.

In an email to customers sent Friday, CNN reported, co-founder Ben Kaufman said: “Unfortunately, we had most of our company’s cash assets at a bank which just collapsed. I’m sure you’ve heard the news.”

Camp did not immediately respond to a message from The Washington Post on Saturday with questions about the company’s assets and whether they remained at the bank at the time of its collapse.

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