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Watch Mahindra Thar Vs Scorpio BATTLE On Busy Road, See Who Wins

Road Rage- Mahindra Thar Vs Scorpio: Road rage is becoming a significant concern in India. Incidents of road rage are frequently reported across the country. Delhi-NCR also witnesses numerous cases of road rage. Recently, another such incident has come to light.

In a recent example, two popular Mahindra SUVs – a Thar and a Scorpio Classic – got involved in an aggressive car tussle on a busy road as seen in the video that is now viral on the internet. The video of the incident has been circulating widely on social media. 

The video shows the Thar driver continually ramming the Scorpio, blocking its escape. Scorpio’s driver was trying to maneuver the vehicle away but Thar driver continued hitting the Scorpio, causing noticeable damage to both. 

The Scorpio was struck multiple times from the side. In the end, Thar pushed the Scorpio into a corner and fled away from the spot. The video clearly shows that the Scorpio driver did not intend to get into a brawl. He did not replicate the actions of the Thar driver.

A social media platform ‘X’ user ‘Ghar Ke Kalesh’ shared this video. The reason behind the tussle remains unclear but the video has gone viral. Such incidents not only endanger the drivers involved but also pose risks to fellow road users.

It is not clear yet if the police took any action in this matter or not. It is worth noting that both of these SUVs are highly popular and reputable and known for their rugged body structures. They command a significant share of Mahindra’s overall sales and often come with long waiting periods.

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