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Going To Study Abroad? 5 Things You Must Take Note Of To Avoid Getting Scammed – News18

Students should not share details like bank account numbers without verifying.

Pursuing studies from abroad is a life-changing event and it needs to be a well-researched decision.

Studying abroad is one of the most important phases in a student’s life. Many families make big investments for this purpose. Pursuing studies from abroad is a life-changing event and it needs to be a well-researched decision. In this phase, there are several chances that the students, unknowingly get scammed because of unfamiliar boundaries. It is of utmost importance that the students stay alert and aware of the potential scams while making the decision to pursue their studies abroad. Take note of these points to avoid getting scammed.

1. Do thorough research- A student should do careful research before thinking of pursuing studies abroad. Many students who want to go overseas don’t pay much attention to the process involved in this. This leads to them pursuing a highly exorbitant course, which is of little benefit to them. Students should research educational institutions online once they decide where they want to study. They should also look for the admission requirements of the institutes and carefully choose a program from the available ones.

2. Be careful about the financial request- Once the students receive the offer letter from the university, it is important for them to verify and check the financial requirements thoroughly. These requirements include the total amount to be deposited, refund policy, and other aspects. They should also research the refund policy in case of visa rejection. Students can face problems in case they are not aware of these aspects. They might end up dealing with fraudulent people or websites. This will make the situation even worse.

3. Students should be aware of the housing scam- Students who visit abroad for studies prefer to live with their relatives or register themselves for the accommodation facilities provided by the campus. There are some students who can’t avail of either of the two. They should opt for the hostel provided by the university for international students. They can also live in the private accommodation provided by the local government to international students.

4. Students should take care of personal details- In today’s time, when cyber crimes are on the rise, it is important to take care of personal details. Students should always keep their personal information secure to avoid identity theft and other potential scams while studying abroad. They should avoid sharing information like passports, social security numbers and bank accounts with anyone except trusted institutions.

5. Enquire about other necessary information- The students should rely only on official websites like the Embassy Alerts or trusted discussion groups for information.

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