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Meet Major Abhinandan Singh, Who Gave Up A Career In Defence To Become A Civil Servant – News18

An injury changed Abhinandan’s fate.

Abhinandan Singh was unable to pass the UPSC Prelims on his first try, but he did not give up.

You may have read about individuals giving up private jobs to prepare for UPSC. Today, we are going to introduce you to someone who was once an army officer and later became a civil servant. Major Abhinandan Singh hails from Akhnoor in Jammu. His family has a strong educational foundation. He also obtained a Bachelor’s in Electronics and Communication Engineering. The 19th SSB chose Abhinandan Singh from the college itself, according to a report. In 2014, he enlisted in the Indian Army’s Signal Corps, following a one-year period of arduous and lengthy training.

Abhinandan Singh’s initial assignment after completing army training was in Tezpur, Assam, on the Indo-China border. After some time, he was sent to the Amritsar unit. When moving from one unit to another, young army officers must take mandatory training. He experienced something during this training, which he did not anticipate. He was playing basketball during a training session when he hurt his ankle. He was unable to have the required medical evaluation and therapy because the course was about to end. He was in poor condition, as a result of his injury and had to limp. As a result, he could no longer run effectively. Major Abhinandan Singh’s injury turned out to be the pivotal event in his life. He was told to take two years off.

Abhinandan realised that a career in defence would not be feasible any more due to his condition. In the year 2019, he began preparing for the UPSC Civil Services Examination. In 2021, he made his first attempt to crack it. Abhinandan Singh was unable to pass the UPSC Prelims on his first try. He did not, however, give up and resumed his preparations. He went over his written notes one more time. He decided to keep philosophy as an optional subject.

He made a second attempt at the UPSC exams in 2022 and this time, he was able to crack it with 749 rank. Now that he has joined civil service, he wants to work in the health sector along with educational development.

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