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Navigating The DMRC Job Landscape: What It Takes to Become a Customer Relations Assistant – News18

The in-hand salary amounts to Rs 51,000 per month.

The role of the customer relations assistant involves handling DMRC passengers and catering to their needs.

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) offers a range of government job opportunities for aspiring candidates, particularly for the position of Customer Relations Assistant (CRA). This post is available in various departments in Delhi. Candidates looking to secure this job must navigate through a probation period before becoming eligible for the associated benefits and allowances. Specific details regarding these perks are typically made available on the official website and are subject to periodic revision, following DMRC policy guidelines.

The role of a Customer Relations Assistant encompasses several responsibilities, including assisting DMRC passengers, meeting deadlines for assigned tasks, and overseeing the smooth operation of metro stations. Upon joining, candidates undergo a rigorous two-year training program to acquire and refine the skills necessary for the position. Throughout this training period, candidates must complete various examinations, with performance influencing the duration of their probation.

After being deployed, employees are expected to continue enhancing their skills and knowledge through periodic training intervals. Additionally, DMRC employees undergo reshuffling training, transitioning between roles such as Line Supervisors, Station Controllers, Station Managers, and Train Operators. This reshuffling process is accompanied by prescribed training sessions aimed at bolstering their expertise.

Further, employees receive specialized training in disaster management, first aid, customer care, and sign language to ensure they are well-equipped to handle diverse situations.

The Customer Relations Assistant position offers a basic monthly salary of Rs 35,500, resulting in a total gross salary of Rs 56,980. Following deductions, the in-hand salary amounts to Rs 51,480.

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