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Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) jobs are highly coveted among young aspirants, especially for those aiming to become officers. The role of Assistant Commandant is a dream for many. To secure this position, passing the UPSC CAPF AC examination is a requirement. After being selected, CRPF Assistant Commandants receive extra perks on top of their salary. It’s important to carefully evaluate the job’s responsibilities to determine if it’s a good fit for you.

CRPF Salary

The UPSC recently held the CAPF AC exam on August 6. For those aspiring to become Assistant Commandants in the Central Armed Police Force (CAPF), knowing the salary structure is vital. Initially, officers receive a starting salary of Rs 56,100 during training, along with various allowances. Depending on rank and seniority, the CAPF AC salary can range from Rs 1,77,500 to Rs 2,25,000.

The CAPF AC salary adheres to the 7th pay commission, encompassing a basic salary and extra perks such as travel, medical and dearness allowances. The starting in-hand salary for CAPF AC officers is roughly Rs 44,135.

In the CAPF rank structure, officers selected via UPSC CAPF begin with a basic pay of INR 15,600. The highest-ranking position in the CAPF hierarchy is Director-General, with officers in this role earning a salary of INR 2,25,000.

CRPF Assistant Commandant Benefits and Perks

Selected candidates are entitled to receive various allowances in addition to their basic CRPF Assistant Commandant salary, as per the prevailing rules in CRPF.

House Rent Allowance: Provided for rented accommodation in the city.

Dearness Allowance: Given to employees.

Medical Allowance: A fixed annual allowance to cover medical expenses

Transport Allowance: Granted for official or office-related transportation.

CRPF Job Profile

Before pursuing a career as a CRPF Assistant Commandant, it’s crucial to understand the role’s diverse responsibilities and duties:

Internal Security: CRPF Assistant Commandants play a pivotal role in safeguarding the nation’s internal security.

Crowd and Riot Control: They bear the responsibility of effectively managing crowd and riot control situations.

Security Coordination: Assistant Commandants are integral to coordinating security operations, particularly in regions marked by significant unrest, such as during elections.

VIP Protection: Safeguarding VIPs is a fundamental aspect of the CRPF AC job profile.

National Defense: They make vital contributions to national defence endeavours, encompassing the response to wartime aggression and participation in UN peacekeeping missions.

Disaster Relief: In the wake of natural disasters, Assistant Commandants assume leadership in relief and rescue operations.

CRPF Assistant Commandant Promotion

Selected candidates for the position of Assistant Commandant have the opportunity for career advancement. After completing the probationary period, candidates become eligible for additional bonuses, promotions, and performance-based incentives.

Assistant Commandants receive promotions based on the ranks outlined below:

Deputy Commandant- 5 years as Assistant Commandant

Second in Command- 5 years as Deputy Commandant

Commandant- 5 years as second-in-command (with 15 years of Group ‘A’ service)

DIGP- 3 Years as Commandant

IGP- 3 Years as DIG

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