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Worried About Which Stream To Choose After Class 10? Take A Look At Your Options

After class 10, many students are confused about which stream to choose.

If one chooses science after 10th grade, the medical field or engineering will be the perfect option.

The board exam results are finally coming in. Now, students who have passed the Class 10th examination will have to opt for a specific stream. In the 11th grade, students have the chance to choose from mainly three streams- science, commerce and arts. But many youngsters are in a vulnerable position regarding which stream to choose for their further studies as classes 11 and 12 are considered as the base for college admissions. There is a lot of confusion among students about selecting the right stream. Today, let’s take a look at what the options available:

Science: After the 10th exam, students can take the science stream. There are three types of the science stream: PCB (biology, chemistry, and physics), PCM (physics, chemistry, and mathematics), and PCMB (biology, chemistry, and physics). A language and an extra subject that varies from school to school also form part of the curriculum. After 12th grade, you can make a career in the medical field or engineering, if you pursue science.

Commerce: For students who are not interested in science, commerce is a viable option. Students taking commerce after 12th grade can make their careers in Chartered Accountancy or as Company Secretaries.

Arts: Youngsters who love literature can pursue this one. After this, one can take BA and MA courses. This is a good option for students preparing for the civil service.

Students who have passed the 10th grade are advised to take the subject in the 11th grade that is of interest to them. The reason behind this is that the subjects in 11th grade are not easy. So, one needs to choose wisely.

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