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50 Cent body-shames Madonna’s AGAIN

50 Cent mocking Madonna’s aging body yet again

Rapper 50 Cent has taken another jibe at the Queen of Pop, Madonna, ridiculing her appearance once again.

50 Cent took to Instagram to post a photo of Madonna in a silver bodysuit performing onstage and compared it with the photo of a black insect.

In his caption, the rapper took aim at Madonna’s behind, writing, “who the f*** did this? She’s rich how the hell she didn’t get it fixed. I want the f***ing doctors name right now. I mean damn it man ! LOL”

Madonna has yet to comment, but she must be pretty miffed at Fitty who has a track record of dissing the legendary pop star.

Madonna has not yet responded to the rapper’s jibe.

This is not the first time 50 Cent has taken aim at Madonna, in particular at her aged appearance.

In June 2022, he compared her photos to photos of aliens, writing,

“I hope she didn’t make her kids take this picture. LOL at 63 somebody tell her to chill out please.” He later deleted the post.

Further back in 2021, the singer, who’s on her Celebration tour currently, had posted racy pictures of herself on Instagram. Fifty didn’t miss the opportunity to make fun of the singer’s age even then.

Taking to Instagram, he wrote, “Yo this is the funniest s***! LOL. That’s Madonna under the bed trying to do like a v****n at 63. She shot out, if she don’t get her old a** up. LMFAO.”

To that jibe, Madonna did respond. In a lengthy note she wrote, “Here is 50 Cent pretending to be my friend. Now you have decided to talk smack about me! I guess your new career [is] getting attention by trying to humiliate others on social media.”

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