HomeEntertainmentKate Middleton snubs 'signals of distress' as she ditches 'submissive' self

Kate Middleton snubs ‘signals of distress’ as she ditches ‘submissive’ self

Kate Middleton snubs ‘signals of distress’ as she ditches ‘submissive’ self

Kate Middleton’s body language has changed for the better over the years, notes an expert.

The Princess of Wales has dropped her usual ‘submissive’ self to become more confident as she prepares to become the next Queen of Britain.

Body language expert, Darren Stanton, on behalf of Betfair Casino, said: “She now communicates on an even deeper level and leaves a lasting impression with all that she encounters.

“In previous years, Kate often flashed signals of distress or nerves in her body language during public engagements.”

He added: “Kate tended to hold her hands in front of her body, at least when she knew she was being photographed.

“This is a very submissive gesture, as it creates an unconscious barrier or shield between us and something, which could be perceived as a threat. The posture also signifies a lack of confidence in her surroundings.”

He noted: “Even when people are displaying a confident demeanour, they can sometimes have juxtaposed feelings internally.

“However, I see total congruence in Kate’s belief, personal confidence and her outbound body language, which means she has now become the full package and has fitted into her new title with ease,” concluded the expert.

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