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Lasting impact of Prince Harry’s verbal fights with King Charles exposed

The Spare to the Heir appears to have caused his big brother a drastic amount of strife when it comes to their relationship.

So much so that the Duke feels there are a number of ‘mixed feelings’ simmering under the hood, when it comes to his relationship with Prince William.

For those unversed, the Spare has managed to portray his father King Charles as “the villain” in numerous jibes, both verbal and written.

The reigning monarch was also branded “emotionally unavailable” to his son on numerous occasions.

An inside source close to Closer Weekly issued insights into the true nature of things.

Per their findings, “Harry got into verbal fights with Charles,” in the past and most of the time “they wouldn’t talk for weeks” after.

It is due to this that the Duke felt isolated from his older brother as well, given the alleged lack of support.

Reportedly, “Harry felt mixed emotions of sadness and fury when they drifted apart.”

By the end, “Harry went through periods of loneliness in the royal family, and there was favoritism” because “the other royals often took William’s side over Harry.”

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