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Leonardo DiCaprio’s influence on Fisher Stevens’ ‘Beckham’ project

 Leonardo DiCaprio’s influence on Fisher Stevens’ ‘Beckham’ project

Fisher Stevens, who played the iconic role of legal attorney Marvin Gerard in Netflix’s Blacklist series, has recently directed the docuseries, Beckham, revolving around the life of David Beckham.

Fisher has credited the Hollywood mega-star Leonardo DiCaprio for helping him land the director’s role for the documentary on the former football star.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the actor-director appeared in an interview with Late Night Show host Seth Meyers, who asked Fisher how he heard about the docuseries even when he is not a big fan of the football icon.

Fisher stated, “Actually, I got a call on my way to that show, Succession, to work, and it was from my old pal Leonardo DiCaprio’s office. We made some documentaries together.”

He continued that the Hollywood A-lister had suggested his name to direct the Beckham documentary.

Fisher said it came as a surprise to him when he was told that David Beckham wanted to talk to him.

The Academy Award winner documentary maker stated that initially, he was not interested in the project, but the team working at Succession’s set pushed him to take on the role.

Fisher says, “I got on a Zoom call with David and then went on to meet him and his wife, Victoria Beckham, at lunch. They got me excited, and that was it.”

Beckham is currently streaming on Netflix, and it follows Beckham’s rise to global stardom.  

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