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Prince Harry in ‘lose-lose’ situation he ‘put himself in’

Experts believe the lose-lose situation Prince Harry is grappling through is something he put himself in.

The To Di For Daily podcast host Kinsey Schofield brought these claims to light.

Her shocking admissions were shared to the Daily Star, during one of her candid chats.

“If Harry shows up, he will be criticised. If Harry does not show up, he will be criticised.”

“The moment his plane lands… we will make the obvious observation that he needs the Royal Family to maintain his lifestyle and brand in America.”

“The minute we notice his absence… we’ll accuse him of being a coward who couldn’t face the family that he has spent years trying to tarnish.”

“He’s in a tough position but ultimately a position that he has put himself in.”

However, Ms Schofield believes its best for Prince Harry not to expect the red-carpet.

This comes in tandem with a prior admission by the expert, where she said, that the only reason Prince Harry is even going to the Coronation is “because he knows his connection to the Royal Family is the only reason some people answer his telephone calls and emails.”

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