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Prince Harry knows ‘no one wants to see him’ in the UK: ‘No hopes are left’

Prince Harry is reportedly ‘well aware’ that a reconciliation with King Charles is permanently off the table.

Experts believe even Prince Harry has become aware of the shocking realities of his trip to the UK because ‘no one wants to see him’.

Revelations such as these have been shared by royal author Andrew Morton.

He broke it all down in his most recent interview with Sky News.

For those unversed, Mr Morton is the personal biographer of Princess Diana, and even possessed personal tapes made out in his name to help him write a memoir.

In relation to any hopes for Prince Harry’s return to Buckingham Palace, and the hearts of his family, Mr Morton admitted that it seems unlikely.

he broke everything down in the interview and went as far as to say “I don’t think so” because it would mean “curtsying to Kate Middleton.”

Even an inside source close to The Telegraph chimed into the converastion and admitted that the Sussexes aren’t the only ones with a stake in this icy freeze.

Reportedly Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are “not talking about family” either.

Not to mention, “There’s no expectation that the family’s going to show up or acknowledge it or that anybody wants to see him.”

Prince Harry’s trip to the UK is mainly for the WellChilds award charity event as well as for the upcoming Invictus Games. 

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