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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle open for ‘peace deal’ with Royal family?

Expert reveals if Prince Harry and Meghan Markle open really trying to make peace with the Royal family

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are reportedly having a hard time financially since leaving their roles as senior working royals in 2020.

Hence, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are “desperately wishing” to get back in the “good graces” of the Royal family to save themselves from further humiliation.

In an effort to do so, the California-based Royal couple called King Charles on his 75th birthday to wish him and even sent him a video of their kids singing “happy birthday.”

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In an interview with Mark Dolan for GB News, royal and showbiz commentator Kinsey Schofield was asked about her opinion if Harry and Meghan were actually making a “peace deal.”

“I mean, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex desperately wish it was,” she replied. “It’s Page Six that’s reporting that Harry and Meghan had a turning point conversation with King Charles after that alleged birthday snub.”

“OK, here, let me tell you what happened,” she continued. “What we’re hearing over on this side is that Harry and Meghan are struggling to prove their value without association to the royal family.

“You know, look at Meghan’s Archetypes podcast, where she did try to herself from the Royal Family. It was Megan talking to Paris Hilton and Mariah and all of these American celebrities who did not do well analytically.

“That’s why they lost their Spotify deal. What did blow up, even though it was a year ago, was their Netflix series, where all they did was trash the Royal family.

“So to buyers, to people like Amazon, who might be looking at them for a podcast series. For Netflix. They’re looking at them going really where their value is, which is their connection to the Royal family.

“Harry and Meghan need to get back in the good graces of the Royal Family,” she said before concluding.

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