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Queen Elizabeth knew she ‘wouldn’t live long’: ‘Was suffering from multiple things’

Queen Elizabeth knew she ‘wouldn’t live long’: ‘Was suffering from multiple things’

Queen Elizabeth had allegedly been suffering from a massive influx of issues during the final days of her reign, and knew ‘for sure’ she wouldn’t live long.

All of this has been brought to light by royal biographer Robert Hardman.

He weighed in on things during one of his new books titled, The Making of a King: King Charles III and the Modern Monarchy.

The book, which is slated to release on January 18th, talks of the Queen’s cause of death as well as how she had been “suffering from multiple conditions in her final year.”

According to extracts from his book, that have been obtained by the Daily Mail, it has been revealed, “‘She had come to realize that the medical prognosis meant she was not going to emulate her mother and reach one hundred [the Queen Mother died at age 101 in 2002], so she had been determined to make the most of that year’.”

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At that time, “‘she made sure she had all the family over the summer so that the young ones, in particular, would always be left with happy memories of her’.”

For those unversed, there were conversations about a regency, so that King Charles could manage things once her health declined.

Even a senior former aide was quoted on the matter and said, “With the Queen Mother going on past her 100th birthday, of course, we had to think that the Queen would reach the same age.”

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