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‘The Nun 2’ spooks box-office as competitors scare away

‘The Nun 2’ spooks the box-office as competitors scare away 

The Nun II is sitting at the top of the box-office as the Scary Witch has raked in $13 million on opening day, not to mention $3.1 million in previews, beating rivals on the way.

The latest chapter in the Conjuring universe is making a bonanza for the franchise as $31.3 million is expected from the opening weekend, leaving behind Denzel Washington’s high-octane thriller The Equalizer 3.

Meanwhile, The Nun has set the benchmark high for the horror franchise as the first chapter netted $53.8 million and went on to become the top-grossing franchise instalment globally, $365.5 million.

Helmed by Michal Chaves, Taissa Farmiga and Bonnie Aarons return in the latest bone-chilling flick.

Bonnie previously took Warner Bros. to court for breaching her contract, as she alleged that the studio only paid $71,500, barring any bonus from the film’s smashing success.

“Instead of accounting and paying transparently, Warner Bros. obscures and hides the true amount of Ms. Aarons’ rightful share of merchandising revenues, all the while continuing to exploit her,” the lawsuit stated.

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