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Tea, Coffee Lovers, Your Favourite Drink Is Affecting Your Teeth – Here’s How

In a world fueled by caffeine, being a coffee lover comes with both exhilarating perks and potential pitfalls. The rich aroma and robust flavor that accompany every sip of this beloved beverage are undeniably enticing, but is it good for your dental health? 

Dr Surbhi Bhatia L, Dentist and CEO of Lifeberries Health shares how drinking excessive tea or coffee can result in yellow teeth. 

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Can Drinking Excessive Tea Or Coffee Can Affect Your Teeth? 

Dr Bhatia shares “A prevalent rule of thumb to recollect with respect to teeth staining substances is, if it can tarnish your clothes, then it can stain your teeth. Thereafter, tea and coffee are probable to stain your teeth, due to components named tannins, which are a form of polyphenol which breaks down in water. 

These tannins will direct to colour combinations attaching to teeth and when they stick, they can leave an undesirable yellow shade behind. This can happen from just as little as a cup of coffee a day to initiate these problems.

Dr Bhatia further explains that alongside staining, drinks like tea and coffee can result in additional problems. This comprises provoking bacteria development in the mouth and afterward directing to tooth/enamel deterioration. In turn, this can make teeth become thinner and more breakable over time. 

Another problem induced by these drinks is intense breath, as the drink residue sticks to the tongue.

How To Prevent Teeth Stain? 

A legend advice can be altering your diet to combine specific foods which assist with curing stains. This comprises certain raw fruits/vegetables such as strawberries or lemons which include natural fibres that clean teeth by breaking down bacteria.

A simplest, but nonetheless useful tip, is brushing a minimum of twice a day and for a period of 2 minutes each time. 

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