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Fashion Designer Rohit Bal’s Friends Rohit Gandhi And Lalit Tehlan Land In ‘Unsavoury’ Controversy

The fashion maverick himself has cleared the air calling the allegations baseless. (Image: Shutterstock)

This controversy has garnered everyone’s attention and if you are still in the unknown, then read on to know all that went wrong-

Fashion maverick Rohit Bal’s close friend and business partner Lalit Tehlan has been embroiled in a controversy with senior fashion designer Rohit Gandhi. While Lalit Tehlan has accused Rohit Gandhi of harassment, racism, and slander, the latter has registered an official complaint against the former claiming he has received “murder threats”, as per HT City. Lalit Tehlan laments Rohit Gandhi is jealous of his success and his close bond with Bal. It was back in December when Lalit received a phone call from Delhi Police about the complaint. He confirmed joining the investigation, “I had not done anything wrong.”

Lalit Tehlan reportedly said that some top Indian designers are merely jealous that “a jaat from a humble family” managed to climb the top fashion ladders with them. “They have made a WhatsApp group just to discuss and criticize me. They mock me for not being fluent in English. Haath se khana khaane pe mazaak udaate hain mera (They mock me because I eat food using my hands),” he said.

According to his accounts, the friendship he shares with Rohit Bal has only grown deeper in the past 20 years. Notably, Lalit Tehlan is a managing partner at Bal’s successful company Alexandar Jeans. Tehlan claims that their firm will shortly open its outlet in Paris, Milan, London, and New York, which he suggests is the main reason why many are “burning with jealousy.” Another factor that contributes to the dispute is Rohit Bal’s deteriorating health. Reportedly, the fashion maverick has been in and out of rehabs owing to his alcohol addiction and subsequent health issues.

Lalit Tehlan told the news portal, “They are accusing me of not taking care of Gudda (Bal’s nickname). They are dragging me through the mud by spreading evil lies, even when Gudda is by my side. I’m taking complete care of his health.” He blames Rohit Gandhi for spoiling Bal’s healthy by making him drink. Tehlan stated he is proud of his Indian roots and will continue to chase his passion and dreams. “False complaints by some crazy people are not going to stop my success,” he added.

What Rohit Gandhi has to say?

Meanwhile, Rohit Gandhi has accused Tehlan of being aggressive adding he doesn’t care about Bal at all. According to him, the Alexander Jeans managing partner doesn’t let anyone meet Bal even when his health is deteriorating. “Lalit was responsible for Gudda’s health and this made Lalit angry, and he started sending me death threats from unknown numbers. That’s when I went to the cops. The calls have stopped now, so I will not pursue the complaint,” he said.

Besides Rohit Gandhi, marketing professional Julie Deb and model Nirbhay Chaudhary have also filed police complaints against Tehlan in the past. Some of Bal’s professional friends and family members reportedly believe Lalit Tehlan only cares about the financial gains he receives from the fashion maverick.

What Rohit Bal has to say?

The fashion maverick himself has cleared the air calling the allegations baseless. “Has Lalit ever harmed them? Do they have any recordings or any sort of evidence against him?” he asks. Bal suggests Tehlan is one of the kindest people he has ever come across. The designer revealed he has saved his life not once but on multiple occasions, which included rushing him to a hospital at 4 am after he suffered a cardiac arrest.

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