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Impact of G20 Summit on India’s Travel Industry – News18

Prime Minister Narendra Modi greets leaders of the G20 countries ahead of the G20 Summit, in New Delhi. (Image: Reuters)

The G20 Summit will bolster India’s image as a desirable travel destination

The G20 Summit 2023 being held in India is poised to have a profound impact on the country’s travel industry. This high-profile event, bringing together leaders from the world’s largest economies, will not only showcase India’s ability to host international gatherings, but also open up numerous opportunities and challenges for the travel sector.

One of the most immediate impacts will be the surge in inbound tourism. “As India assumes the role of the summit’s host, it will attract a significant influx of international visitors, including heads of state, diplomats, business leaders, and journalists. This surge in arrivals will boost the hospitality sector, with hotels, restaurants, and other accommodation providers experiencing increased demand. To accommodate this influx, the industry is expected to stretch to the best of their capability, leading to improved infrastructure and enhanced services,” says Sandeep Arora, Director, Brightsun Travel Private Limited, India.

Additionally, the G20 Summit will bolster India’s image as a desirable travel destination. The global media attention and the positive portrayal of the country during the event will serve as a powerful marketing tool. “Tourists who visit during the summit may extend their stay to explore India’s rich cultural heritage, historic landmarks, and scenic landscapes, contributing to the growth of the tourism sector,” adds Arora.

On the flip side, the travel industry will also face challenges during the summit. Arora opines, “Security measures and road closures may disrupt transportation and accessibility, potentially affecting the travel plans of both domestic and international tourists. Additionally, there will be a need for heightened security at tourist sites and transportation hubs, which could lead to longer wait times and inconvenience for travellers.”

Furthermore, the increased demand for accommodation and services during the summit could result in price surges, making travel less affordable for some segments of the population. This may necessitate strategic pricing and marketing strategies to ensure that travel remains accessible to a broad range of visitors.

“The G20 Summit 2023 in India will have a multifaceted impact on the country’s travel industry. While it presents opportunities for growth and increased global visibility, it also poses challenges related to logistics, security, and pricing. The industry must carefully navigate these dynamics to maximise the benefits of hosting this prestigious event while ensuring a positive experience for travellers,” signs off Arora.

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