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Indian or whatever, he is my dad: Azaan Sami Khan | The Express Tribune

Popular singer and composer Azaan Sami Khan, son of renowned Indian singer Adnan Sami Khan and Pakistani film and TV actor Zeba Bakhtiar, recently shared his thoughts on his parentage and the unshakable bond he shares with them during an appearance on Ahmed Ali Butt’s podcast Excuse Me.

Azaan has carved out a notable career for himself in the Pakistani music industry, but he has never attempted to step out of the shadows cast by his celebrated parents. In response to questions about growing up in a star-studded family, he expressed, “My mother has always been there for me, there’s no doubt about that. I’ve never wanted to come out of their [my parents’] shadow. Regardless of what anyone has said to me, I never feel bad when someone says I’m their son. I’m immensely proud of who my parents are. I’m immensely proud that their blood runs through my veins.”

Azaan’s humility and gratitude extend beyond his parents, acknowledging the legacy of his grandparents and the achievements they’ve unlocked in their lifetimes. He emphasized that his success and achievements are intrinsically linked to theirs, stating, “It’s never been about, oh if I do this, I’ll stand out. No. I am aware that I am somewhere because of them. Today, so many things I’m able to do is because of everything they were able to achieve.”

Azaan also addressed the sensitive issue of his father’s decision to relinquish his Pakistani identity and citizenship to move to India. Adnan Sami Khan’s shift to India and his career as a musician there, garnered considerable attention and controversy. Azaan noted, “Whether he is an Indian or whatever, he is my dad. I’ve had people tell me that ‘Give a statement against him or India, you will benefit from it.’ Reputable people have said this and I’m like… ‘Buddy, he’s still my dad.'”

Azaan maintained that he has not been raised to speak ill of his parents. Adding that, if necessary, he could seek their counsel privately if they do anything “really wrong,” but the respect he holds for them will remain the same. Even in the face of national-level controversies or public pressure, Azaan asserts, “I will stay their child, so I will continue to respect them.”

Azaan’s candid revelations shed light on the profound respect and admiration he holds for his parents, irrespective of the challenges and expectations that come with their illustrious careers.

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