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Influencer accuses Soho House of ageism after membership increases when she turns 30

A woman has accused the members-only club, Soho House, of being ageist after receiving an email from them shortly after her 30th birthday.

The influencer, Serena Kerrigan, recently took to TikTok to share the email that she was sent. “So my 30th birthday is coming up and I’m so excited until I got this email from Soho House telling me because I’m turning 30, I no longer qualify for the under 27 discount,” her video started out.

Soho House is a six-floor exclusive social club that “provides a home for creative people to come together and belong”.

The club has since expanded beyond its original New York City location to over 185,000 members and 40 “Houses” across the US, the UK, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Houses are equipped with club spaces, gyms, spas, bedrooms, screening rooms, and pools and allow creatives to connect and network in a luxury environment – if they can swing the steep membership costs.

According to the business’s website, membership starts at $666.75 quarterly ($2,667 a year) while under 27 members pay a discounted rate as low as $333.50 quarterly, including 50 per cent off food and drinks and certain days. Membership types include Local House, where members get access to the House in their area, and Every House, which permits access to all Houses across the globe.

Kerrigan did explain that despite losing her “under 27 discount,” Soho House would be giving her one more year before charging her the normal price. “But because it’s a ‘milestone birthday,’ we’re gonna wait to charge me more until I’m 31. This feels ageist. This is f***ed up,” she said.

“If you are gonna wait until next year to charge me more, then why wouldn’t you wait to notify me until next year to charge me more?” Kerrigan continued.

She shared that the email has led her to cancel her Soho House membership.

“The only thing that this email made me feel was that I need to cancel my Soho House Membership. Thank you so much Soho House, you just lost your f***ing member,” she continued.

“Your service is sh**ty, your food is bad, and the vibes are pretty rank. And I guess turning 30 made me finally realise that,” Kerrigan said in the video’s conclusion.

After posting, her video went on to receive over 300,000 views. Many people took to the comments section to criticise Soho House as a whole.

“Respectfully Soho House is no longer the flex it used to be…” one commenter wrote.

Another commenter agreed, writing: “Soho house was cool in 2008. I wouldn’t be seen dead in there.”

“I had the exact same realisation when they were still charging during Covid and the response was to turn it into food credits? And the food is so bad,” a third wrote.

Other commenters criticised Kerrigan for her surprise at the cost increase for her membership.

“I mean it’s an Under 27 membership? You signed up knowing that though and knew you would have to eventually pay more,” one person pointed out in the comments.

“Welcome to adulthood. Pay up,” another agreed.

The Independent has contacted Soho House for comment.

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