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Internet slams Nora Fatehi for anti-feminist remarks | The Express Tribune

Canadian actor and dancer Nora Fatehi, active in Bollywood, recently sparked a backlash on the microblogging platform X after expressing her critical views on feminism during an appearance on The Ranveer Show. Reported by Pinkvilla, Fatehi stated that feminism has “negatively impacted society,” expressing her preference for traditional gender roles where men are providers and women are nurturers.

Her remarks did not sit well with many users on X (formerly Twitter), who took to the microblogging platform to highlight the contradictions and perceived ignorance in her statements. One user pointed out, “How do we tell her that if it wasn’t for feminism she’d probably get stoned back in the day for dancing how she does?”

Another emphasised the benefits derived from feminist movements, stating, “‘Feminism f*cked up society’ and it’s the same feminist movements that gave her a voice, a space in society, the freedom to wear whatever she wants and make a career in whatever path she chooses.”

The irony of her situation was not lost on others, with one post remarking, “If it wasn’t for ‘feminism’ she’d be at home making chicken curry instead of being able to express herself on a podcast in front of a mic lmao.” Another user critiqued her approach to appealing to certain audiences, saying, “She thinks being a pick-me will keep her loyal male followers happy but men are calling her nachaniyaan (dancer) and rejecting her opinion. Some jokes write themselves.”

Some users speculated that her comments were influenced by the nature of the platform and its audience. “Her prime demographic is teenage boys who listen to Tate, Rogan, and Jake Pauls. It wouldn’t be a wise PR move to be a feminist on Beer Balti’s show,” one user commented. Another mocked her relevance, stating, “Nora Fatehi’s understanding of feminism is just about as relevant as any of her songs are to the plot of the movie.”

A particular user underscored her misunderstanding of feminism, stating, “Tell me you don’t understand feminism without telling me you don’t understand feminism. Nora Fatehi stands on the shoulders of women who have sacrificed everything so she can earn her own wage, vote, and much more. Keep your pick-me opinions for the men you’re pandering to.”

The comments on platform X illustrate a strong rebuttal to Fatehi’s views on feminism, highlighting a broader conversation about the impact of feminist movements and the responsibilities of public figures in discussing such issues.

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