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Love Is Blind star Colleen reveals she doesn’t wear engagement ring from husband Matt

Love Is Blind star Colleen Reed has revealed that she doesn’t wear her engagement ring from her husband Matt Bolton.

The reality star took to her Instagram Story on Thursday to answer a few questions from her followers. When a fan asked her how many rings she wore, Reed responded with a selfie of her and her ring finger to showcase her jewellery.

As she described the rings, she noted that she “always wears [her wedding] band”, before poking fun at why she wasn’t wearing her engagement ring. “I’m waiting to see him get down on one knee with my own two eyes,” she wrote, noting that she wanted her spouse to propose again.

She also revealed problems with the original ring – suggesting the main diamond “popped off” a day after she got it.

Bolton first proposed to Reed in the pods, before ever meeting face to face, on season three of Love Is Blind. He officially gave her the engagement ring once they met for the first time.

In a follow-up post, one fan asked for clarification on Reed’s engagement ring comment, writing: “Was the [ring] from the show not good?”

Reed replied with a video of herself in a hoodie, as began to slightly cover her face with her hood. She also shared her response to the question, writing: “There could be…improvements.”

Reed and Bolton were the second couple to get married during the season three finale of Love Is Blind, despite some ups and downs throughout their relationship.

In the After the Altar special, which aired last month, Reed revealed that the two had a number of disagreements for the first six months of their relationship. However, she still said that they were currently in the honeymoon phase after working through their issues.

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They also turned heads during last year’s reunion special, where they said that they still weren’t living together after a year of marriage. “We actually do not live together yet. I know it sounds crazy but it’s really just doing it on our own time,” Bolton said.

“We’re very much on the same page. Logistics-wise and money-wise, we weren’t there,” Reed added. “As soon as the wedding, the next day, we weren’t money-wise ready to give up on our leases.”

Reed also noted that as they “got married in an unorthodox way,” they were “doing marriage in an unorthodox way”. Bolton agreed, before acknowledging that they were still with each other seven days a week.

In the After the Altar special, the pair revealed that their living situations had still stayed the same. However, Bolton did mention that they were working towards finding a home together.


The pair also shut down criticism and speculation about their relationship in November, after fans thought that Reed looked uncomfortable when sitting next to her husband and claimed that she had some tense body language during the Love Is Blind reunion. A Psychology Today op-ed even claimed that Bolton’s behaviour was “abusive” towards his wife.

“Some of the comments are just laughable at how wrong it is or way off the mark they are,” Reed told Us Weekly. “[What’s] been hard is the criticism for each of us personally, because we know each other, we know the person. And I can see the things that they’re saying about him, and he can see the things that people are saying about me.”

She added: “It’s like, ‘No, that’s not true. Don’t let that get to your head, let that affect you. Don’t let that change you. We know us. But when it comes to the personal stuff, that’s what stings.”

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