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Mathira gives ‘hot meter’ ratings to Fawad, Mahira, Wahaj, others | The Express Tribune

Sitting across Ahmad Ali Butt on the Excuse Me podcast, Mathira prepared herself to answer a series of “naughty questions” posed by the host. Asking her if she was ready, Ahmad unleashed a bevvy of spicy questions. Giving her a “hot meter” to rate celebrities, Ahmad asked Mathira where Hamza Ali Abbasi would fall on the scale. Without hesitating, Mathira said, “Four.” Addressing Ahmad’s bewilderment at the rating, Mathira said, “He’s married. Keep him cold. Why should I make him hot?”

When asked to rate Humayun Saeed, Mathira said, “I was always his fan.” She gave the superstar a 10/10 rating. “Isn’t he married,” Ahmad questioned with a grin. “I’m a fan of Humayun’s, I see him like a fan,” explained Mathira. She promptly changed the rating to “100,” to Ahmad’s surprise and glee. “Humayun’s so hot that he’s burnt,” said Mathira, leading to an uproar of laughter from both the guest and host.

She gave Fawad Khan a nine, describing him as “elegant.” She explained, “He’s like the air conditioner – cool.” Rating the “new kid on the block” according to Ahmad, Mathira gave Wahaj Ali a six. “I like older men, not boys,” Mathira said, offering an explanation. When asked to rate Ahmed Ali Akbar, Mathira asked about his age. “I think he’s mature…eight,” said Mathira. “I like him because of Parizaad. Very strong actor.” 

When asked to rate the former Prime Minister Imran Khan, Mathira gave him a one. “He has Bushra Bibi,” said the former model. Rating current Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif a three out of ten, Mathira called him her “spirit animal.”  Adnan Siddiqui, after being referred to as a “sexy villain” received an eight out of ten. However, it was Bilawal Bhutto Zardari who threw Mathira off. “I’m thinking,” she said, taking a breather. Eventually, she ended up giving him a five out of ten. 

Next up was rating women, to which Mathira said, “I don’t swing that side.” Despite the disclaimer, Mathira said that Mahira Khan is “very, very hot,” and gave her a 100. She was asked to rate Marriyum Aurangzeb next, which led to her whispering to Ahmad, “Who is that?” The actor whispered back, “Let it be,” and moved on. “She’s an actress?” questioned Mathira. Ahmad explained that she’s a politician and showed Mathira a picture when she asked what Marriyum looked like, eventually landing on a rating of three out of ten.

She further gave Sajal Aly a nine out of ten, and Kim Kardashian a four out of ten. “She did bad with Kanye, I was a Kanye fan,” said Mathira. The Instagram star further gave Firdous Ashiq Awan, whom she called “the tomboy politician” a five out of ten, while giving Yumna Zaidi a nine. Ayeza Khan, too, was given the same rating.

Lastly, though she admitted that Meera Jee is a sweetheart, she gave her a rating of five out of ten. She gave Meera Jee some advice as well, saying that she needed a change in management and advisor. “She needs to be more flexible and find herself because she’s stuck in an era…things have changed quite a bit,” stated Mathira.

The next segment pertained to giving certain items to renowned faces. Ahmad asked the star, “Who would you give deodorant to?” Mathira graciously named herself, saying “I sweat a lot,” with a laugh. Upon being asked to give anyone mouthwash or gum, she said, “I haven’t ever glanced inside someone’s mouth so intently. But, let’s suppose I have to give someone a Frenchie, that’s when I’d give them mouthwash.” However, when Ahmad said that she had to give it to someone she’s worked with, she denied doing so, saying, “I’m not a sniffer.”

Ahmad then asked her who she’d give respect to. Saying that she’d keep hers to herself, Mathira said that she gives respect to everyone. When asked to ascribe manners to someone, especially with Ahmad saying, “There are many in your shows who are ill-mannered,” Mathira simply replied, “Yes, but I don’t want to highlight them.”

Ahmad brought the questions to a close, praising Mathira as he wrapped up. “I’ve always admired you as a woman,” he stated. “You’ve always stood up for who you are and what you are, and you’ve never shied away from controversy. You’ve always taken it in your stride.”

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