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Miss Nepal 2023 Jane Dipika Garrett Shines as Miss Universe 2023 Pageant’s First Plus-Size Entrant – News18

Miss Nepal 2023 Jane Dipika Garrett Radiates Confidence, Paving the Way for Inclusivity in Beauty Pageants

Jane Dipika Garrett, Miss Nepal, Redefines Inclusivity in Each Round of the Miss Universe 2023 Pageant

For centuries, the prevailing notion of the ideal woman centered around tall and slender figures devoid of any perceived imperfections. This standard permeated through media, appearance-centric professions, and everyday life. Thankfully, in 2023, a shift is underway, exemplified by the Miss Universe 2023 pageant. This year’s competition embraced inclusivity as its core principle, featuring delegates from diverse corners of the globe, representing a spectrum of gender identities, social statuses, and body sizes. Standing out among them all was Miss Nepal 2023, Jane Dipika Garrett, who boldly paved the way for a new definition of beauty.

The remarkable beauty queen made history as the first-ever plus-size participant in the contest. Jane captured global attention during the swimsuit round, showcasing her confidence and grace. She confidently walked the international stage donning a stunning metallic green swimsuit featuring a plunging neckline, ruched waist, and halter straps. Completing her look were stylish strap heels and oversized hoop earrings, complemented by coral-toned makeup and voluminous wavy hair.

As per Jane’s Instagram bio, Miss Nepal 2023 is not only a pageant queen but also a nurse and entrepreneur, championing body positivity and advocating for mental health. Upon securing her spot in the top 20 of the Miss Universe pageant, Jane took to social media to express her joy, proclaiming, “Top 20 baby! Grateful to all my fans and supporters. I gave my best, and that’s what matters! Proud to represent real size beauty globally and shatter beauty pageant stereotypes. Immensely proud of the new Miss Universe and will forever treasure this transformative season of my life!” This groundbreaking move marks a significant stride for diversity, embracing beauty in all its shapes and sizes at the Miss Universe 2023 pageant.

Jane has single-handedly transformed the landscape of inclusivity within pageants, revolutionizing one round at a time.

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