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Nida Yasir says Fawad Khan is ‘too expensive’ to be on her show | The Express Tribune

Ever since launching into her career as a morning show host in 2011, Nida Yasir has had celebrities galore gracing her couch on Good Morning Pakistan. However, one actor who has been conspicuous in his absence from Nida’s piercing questions has been none other than celebrated heartthrob Fawad Khan.

During a candid Eid, the tables were turned on Nida as, for once, she took up the receiving end of the questions from fellow hosts Nadia Khan and Aijaz Aslam. Posing the question so many have wanted to know the answer to, Aijaz said, “So just why hasn’t Fawad Khan come to your show?”

“He is too expensive,” said Nida bluntly without missing a beat. “We can’t afford him!”

With a wry smile, Aijaz asked if that was the only reason. “Of course!” cried Nida. She went on to elaborate how, unlike Fawad, her dear friend and actor Mahira Khan had appeared on Good Morning Pakistan many times and had always been a good sport by participating in the many activities on the show.

“Perhaps that was because she wanted to promote her films,” remarked a cynical Aijaz.

However, Nida was quick to jump to Mahira’s defence. “No,” she stated vehemently. “You can check by watching the clips from the shows [from when Mahira appeared]. I have a wonderful friendship with Mahira and I love her.”

Adding salt to Nida’s wounds, Nadia interjected at this point to state that Fawad had appeared on her own show “two or three times”. However, Nida was quick to jokingly remind her colleague that at the time, Fawad was not the superstar he has become today.

“He didn’t have as much money when he did that!” exclaimed Nida. “He wasn’t acting in any films then!”

With Fawad’s healthy bank balance and film and television career thriving, the actor continues to elude Nida’s invitations to her show.

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