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OKB, Naimal urge people to be voice of Palestinians amid blackout | The Express Tribune

In what was said to be scenes of pure horror, Israel intensified bombardment in Gaza Friday night after reportedly cutting all communications in the West Bank, as per Al Jazeera. 

International media and aid agencies say they lost contact with staff in Gaza amid a near-total communications blackout. More than 1 million Palestinian children and their parents are living through “pure horror” in the besieged enclave, the humanitarian group Save the Children reported. 

Amid the ongoing terrifying situation, many artists took to social media and joined several others to demand a ceasefire in the region. Ushna Shah, who has been prominently speaking about the ongoing atrocities, took to X and commented, “We’re sharing facts we all know, we need to infiltrate their algorithms, their timelines. We need to counter their propaganda.”

She furthered, “This is what’s making the brainwashed Zionists as well as their comrades complicit. Islamophobia is at an all-time high. We have the numbers, we just need to educate the other side somehow and it won’t be easy, their indoctrination runs deep.” Shah concluded, “Let’s figure out the way to do this, disinformation is the first war tactic. A thought-out, attentive-grabbing and unified campaign needs start to get their attention so we don’t just seem like ‘terrorist trolls’ spamming their feeds.”

Osman Khalid Butt, without mincing words, wrote, “I will condemn Hamas when you condemn the formation of the apartheid settler-colony of Israel, when you condemn the Nakba, Israel’s gross violations of international laws, its war crimes, its sheer disdain for humanity, its genocidal governments, its naked propaganda, racism when you condemn the occupation, when you condemn the Israeli practice of ethnic cleansing, its massive violations of human rights, its barbaric use of collective punishment, its disdain for UN Resolutions, its illegal settlements – the madness that began decades before Hamas.”

He added, “Don’t fall for blind bias, prejudice and propaganda. When the entire history of the oppression of Palestinian people is available online, accessible to you, parroting the lies you’re fed isn’t just ignorance or stupidity. It’s evil.”

Naimal Khawar Khan took to Instagram and shared, “The people of Falasteen are being slaughtered, please don’t remain silent and keep sharing as much as you can. Let’s not remain quiet as a genocide unfolds before us. Speak! It’s the least we can do, and pray. Ceasefire now!”

Apart from them, Mahira Khan, Nadia Jamil, Sara Sarfaraz and others took to social media and condemn Israeli attacks in Gaza and the West Bank. 

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