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Ramiz Raja shares theory on cricketers’ performance slump | The Express Tribune

With so many of our beloved cricketers tying the knot recently, the chatter on the streets for all cricket fans after their favourite players get married has been a wide concern for their on-field performance. From Shadab Khan and Haris Rauf to Shaheen Afridi and Imam-ul Haq, critics and fans alike have noticed that their performances are not as they used to be.

However, former chairperson of the Pakistan Cricket Board Ramiz Raja believes the fault lies in the stars. “I have never once taken my wife on a cricket tour,” the former cricketer contended. It’s easy to claim that there’s a myth surrounding Pakistani cricketers: if a player’s performance drops, their marriage is the problem.

However, Ramiz begs to differ. In a recent interview with Suno Digital, the former cricketer discussed the prevalent phenomenon, saying that the poor wives are not to blame but rather the players’ decisions should be scrutinised.

He emphasised that cricketers usually take their families with them to travel during tournaments. With their mentally and physically taxing careers, the players must also take care of their families, which diverts their focus and affects their performances. 

Talking about how he personally navigated his married life amid a career in cricket, Ramiz stated that accompanying his wife on such important events would have detracted his focus. “Even she (my wife) would have suffered. You see, now I do commentary so there’s no pressure but still you have to wake up early, spend all day out. Then you return in the evening, there’s no telling if you would be caught in some mood swing,” he explained.

“There’s a lot of pressure when you’re playing cricket…you drop two catches, lose a match then return home to change your child’s nappy, then put him in a pram for a visit to McDonald’s, your wife will want to buy a sweater on the way. Now tell me, how is your mood going to stay okay?” Ramiz posed.

The former cricketer suggested that instead of bringing their families during tournaments, players should extend their stay and spend time with their families afterward. “Spend a week after your tour then you may vacation and spend lovey-dovey time as much as you want,” he offered.

Instead of simply pinning the blame onto a woman, it is important to realize that the players willingly bring their families along to be with them in tournaments. Their performance slumps, if due to distraction, are not because of their families but rather their own decisions.   

The argument brought forth by Ramiz provides a basis to debunk the marriage-performance myth surrounding the players and instead, look at external factors that constantly affect a player’s performance. The idea of always blaming a cricketer’s performance on their marriage or wives represents extremely outdated stereotypes.

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