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Saif calls out paparazzi for barging into Mumbai home | The Express Tribune

Actor Saif Ali Khan has called out paparazzi and media channels after 20 people barged into his building around 2 am. The actor, however, clarified that he is not firing his security guard or taking any legal action against the media, contrary to all rumours.

In a statement, reported by NDTV, Khan elaborated on the incident and the rumours that followed. “The building security guard is not being sacked, it is not his fault and neither is anybody taking legal action against the paps because that is not how we want to do things,” he said. “However, the fact is that they did barge inside the private property through the gate, past the security guard and completely invaded our space, and put 20 cameras and lights on us as if it’s their right to do that.”

The Salaam Namaste actor emphasised that such behaviour is “wrong” and that the media “needs to stay within its limits.” He added, “We cooperate with the paparazzi all the time but only outside the house and outside the gate. Otherwise, where does one draw the line? That is why I commented on the bedroom because they had already crossed one line, so how many lines does one have to cross before it’s utterly ridiculous?” referring to his sarcastic comment on how paparazzi should enter his bedroom now that they’ve come to his house now.

“The paps shooting the children while they are doing extra-curricular classes is not required. Paparazzi cannot come inside the school, there are lines drawn and that’s all we are saying. The rest of the noise and chatter is because no one knows what the truth is and everyone wants to sell something but this is the truth,” he concluded.

Khan and his wife Kareena Kapoor attended Malaika Arora’s mom Joyce Arora’s 70th birthday party on March 2. After the party, the couple was making their way into their Mumbai residence when the paparazzi started following them, asking them to pose for pictures.

Sadly, this is not the first time that celebrities urged the media to not cross boundaries. Last month, Alia Bhatt called out a media house after they had published a picture of her at her home without her consent. The incident prompted several actors to write about their invasion of privacy, including Anushka Sharma, Janhvi, Arjun Kapoor and filmmaker Karan Johar and film veteran Zeenat Aman.

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