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Strictly’s Amy Dowden reveals cancer treatment turnaround in joyous update

Strictly Come Dancing star Amy Dowden has gave fans a joyous update about her cancer treatment, one day after revealing it was “in limbo”.

Earlier this week, Dowden, 33, said she was due to receive a penultimate round of chemotherapy on Thursday, as part of her treatment since being diagnosed with breast cancer in May.

However, she was informed on Wednesday that her platelet levels weren’t high enough to undergo chemo, with Dowden revealing the setback could delay her cancer treatment by a week.

“It’s kind of…I’m in limbo really,” the Strictly fan-favourite said, in a video shared on Instagram. “I’m like preparing myself that I’m having chemo, but I might not have chemo. The buildup, bracing yourself…You kind of psych yourself up ready for chemo – well I do anyway – so I don’t know how I’ll feel if I can’t have it.

“I’ll be gutted ‘cause I would have probably worked myself up all tonight, all tomorrow morning,” she added.

In the end, however, Dowden’s platelet levels recovered so that she could complete her seventh round of chemotherapy, the choreographer said on Friday (28 October).

She shared a photograph taken inside the Sheldon Unit in Birmingham, showing Dowden posing with a “fellow pink sister on a similary journey” as they held up seven fingers to signify the number of chemotherapy sessions they’ve completed.

Her caption read: “Yayyyyy my blood platelets were all good to go for chemo 7 and it was lovely @kiimmbo.6 7th too (a fellow pink sister on a similar journey) for us both next session we should be ringing that chemo bell and I simply cannot wait!

“So good to chat again today all things chemo and breast cancer. The finish line is in sight for us lovely,” she added, thanking the staff at Sheldon Unit “who always go above and beyond to make us comfortable and happy as can be!”

Shortly after, Dowden, who has been campaigning to raise awareness about the disease, shared a video chronicling “a day in chemo with me” on Instagram.

Writing that since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, Dowden said she wanted to “show the truth with my journey and hopefully… help others”.

“Remember everyone’s cancer journey is different so please don’t judge,” Dowden explains, over clips of her staff at Sheldon Unit’s oncology department prepping her for the treatment. “They do what’s right for you and what you need, medically, for your journey.”

Dowden was forced to pull out of this year’s Strictly competition after she discovered a lump, one day before her honeymoon in April.

However, she left fans delighted when she made a special appearance on the hit BBC show this month. Although Dowden didn’t perform, she read out the voting terms and conditions at the start of the episode on 7 October.

“I can’t wait to be back with you all,” the Welsh dancer said, as the show’s cast including host Claudia Winkleman cheered Dowden on.

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