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Taylor Lautner opens up on problems of being married – to Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner has opened up on the problems of being married to Taylor Lautner.

Speaking on the Good Guys podcast, the Twilight star discussed the issues he and his wife, who was born Taylor Dorne, have encountered since she took his last name.

“Now that we officially have the same exact name, packages are becoming tough,” Lauther explained, discussing how Christmas and birthday surprises could be spoiled.

“When I’m buying stuff for her and she’s buying stuff for me we’re gonna have some surprises spoiled if we open the wrong Taylor Lautner packet.”

The pair encounter issues when travelling together.

“TSA, airport, they’ll be like which one of you is Taylor? And we’re like ‘both of us’, and they’re like ‘which one of you is Taylor Lautner?’, also both of us!”

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