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WATCH: Ghotki cops snack on grilled king cobra

Tired of eating boring food for weeks on end, policemen, scouring the riverine woodlands of Ghotki to bust the dens of heavily armed and dangerous outlaws, entertained themselves by feasting on a grilled snake, relishing it like a delicacy.

“It tastes like fish,” said one of the cops in a viral video that shows a bunch of them barbecuing a cobra and then noshing it with gusto.

The high-spirited cops, members of the Rapid Response Force, are performing their duties in rural Sindh and are determined to eat the enemies of Pakistan as they feasted on the snake. 

The video that went viral on social media shows a group of cops in Ghotki, putting their survival skills to test, catching a common cobra, which they later skinned and grilled on colas after using the metal rod of an AK-47 assault rifle as a skewer.

One of the cops in the video says they learned the skills to survive in the jungle without food during training under the supervision of the special services group of the armed forces of Pakistan. 

“We have been trained to eat snakes to fulfil our protein needs as snakes are a very good source of protein,” one cop says as he spices up the skinned snake and squeezes lemon juice on it before putting it on the coals to sizzle.

These cops are part of the operation launched to flush out the gangsters hiding in the densely vegetated riverine areas of Sindh that provide hideouts to many outlawed groups involved in kidnapping for ransom, murder, armed robberies, etc.

Security officials, including police officials and paramilitary forces, are fighting to clear the gangs that wield far more efficient weapons than the law enforces.

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