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Watch: Pakistani stranded in Saudi rains saved in dramatic rescue mission

A screengrab was taken from the video in which a Pakistani living abroad can be seen in the air while jumping from the overturned truck. — Saudi Gazette

A Pakistani living in Saudi Arabia was rescued recently as heavy rain and flooding left him stranded in Wadi Al Qauba, west of Bisha in the southern Asir region.

Recently, several cities of oil-rich gulf state witnessed heavy rains, and thunderstorms and its weather agency — the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) — further warned of such rough weather conditions to persist in Mecca, Asir, Jazan and Al Baha, until the start of the upcoming week.

The video — which was shared by the Saudi Gazette — shows a man being pulled out from the flood while he was stranded.

The man can be spotted for a moment in the air as he sought rescue by holding the over-turned truck. 

In the video, he promptly jumps onto the flooded rail where he clinched the rope and pulled it tightly — which was tied to the truck seen in the video in the middle of the passing flood water. The bystanders cheered as he was rescued safely.

Amid the warnings by the Saudi weather agency, the schools have also been closed citing safety reasons. The students as well as the employees would be working from home to avoid any unfortunate incidents.

The current weather conditions in which countries are witnessing torrential rains and urban flooding are due to the climate change effects. 

Scientists have been warning to curb carbon emissions which are causing the climate temperature to exacerbate and damage the ecosystem. The climate-change-related problems have put millions of people at risk all around the world.  

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