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Why knowing your genetic disorders is essential for a healthy life – Times of India

Due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a substantial transition towards a more personalized and tailored approach to healthcare in the preventive healthcare space. This approach integrates both lifestyle practices and genetic insights of an individual. Consequently, the understanding of our lifestyle choices in the context of our genes can help us make smarter decisions about our health and not follow the traditional ‘hit and trial’ method of caregiving.
Dr. Anu Prabha, Research Scientist and Product Manager, Human Genomics, HaystackAnalytics says, “When we consider genetics in conjunction with our lifestyle practices, like what and how much we eat/ consume, what are the exercises we prefer, and what environmental factors are we exposed to, doctors can get a better understanding of their possible health risks and the interventions that might be more effective as opposed to others. For instance, an individual is consistently struggling with high cholesterol issues. A number of interventions can be taken with genetic insights providing a person with a tailor made regimen of nutritional intake (what fats are more suitable to you and what are not), exercise regimen (would endurance, HIIT or low impact exercises suit you more) that are more effective for that individual to target specific problem areas.”

Decoding genetic disorders

Moreover, as healthcare is advancing, the healthcare professionals can look at a person’s genetic data, which can help them understand their traits, why they have them, and what interventions would be optimal for them based on their genes. This approach allows doctors to eliminate certain health issues by making specific changes and choices that can help them stay healthier and avoid the manifestations of chronic diseases. In case they are already suffering from chronic diseases, doctors can tailor their care and medication regimen knowing which medications would the individual respond most optimally based on their genetics to provide effective and targeted care.

Here are some benefits of integrating genetic data and lifestyle factors which can help the individuals to take proactive steps for their healthy future.

Early Detection:

Understanding our genes or genetic makeup helps the healthcare professionals to understand an individual’s susceptibility to certain conditions, and take certain measures to eliminate the risk. This will also help the medical professionals detect the disease at an earlier and more treatable stage, which will not only save lives but also reduce the financial burden on healthcare systems by preventing late-stage interventions.

Accurate and Customized Guidance:

Genetic tests help the doctors know an individual’s genetic information, which assists them to create a customized and personalized recommendation or treatment protocol and not follow the traditional method of ‘one-size-fits-all’ treatment and care regimen.

Genes (1)

Optimize Lifestyle Choices:

Knowing genetic insights act like a blueprint for designing a health-conscious lifestyle that aligns with unique genetic makeup. For example, some people might have genes that make it easier to gain weight, while others process nutrients better. The genetic information can help dieticians tailor diets and exercise plans which can work best for their patient.
In conclusion, the integration of lifestyle and genetic data is revolutionizing preventive healthcare by offering a personalized, proactive, and informed approach for an overall well-being of an individual. This can help optimize lifestyle choices, and promotes a proactive approach to conscious lifestyle.

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