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Yasir Hussain about comedy and celebrities reactions | The Express Tribune

During a recent show, actor Yasir Hussain opened up about the nature of humour and shared his observations on Pakistani actors’ responses to jokes, drawing comparisons to the past comedic culture in the industry.

Reflecting on the bygone era, Hussain reminisced about legendary comedians Moin Akhtar and Umar Saeed, recalling their ability to jest with esteemed actors like Muhammad Ali without causing offense. He noted, “Comedians like Moin Akhtar and Umar Saeed used to crack jokes in front of big actors, and they didn’t mind. They actually enjoyed it. This kind of banter is enjoyed by people around the world.”

Talking about the tolerance levels prevalent among Pakistani actors, Hussain remarked that those easily offended hadn’t yet attained the stature to attend ceremonies like the Oscars, known for its roasting culture. He humorously remarked, “I’m thankful our actors who get offended quickly aren’t big enough to attend the Oscars, where roasting is a norm. They can make jokes about Donald Trump or Justin Bieber there without facing backlash.”

Hussain narrated an incident where an actor was labeled as overrated, only to respond positively when receiving an award the following year. This instance showcased the actor’s ability to take criticism in stride and respond graciously, highlighting a more lighthearted approach to such comments.

The actor emphasized the difference in tolerance levels and the appreciation for humor in various entertainment circles. He highlighted the importance of embracing comedic banter as part of the industry culture, mentioning, “In the global entertainment realm, such jokes and hilarious comments are usual things. It’s about understanding the difference between taking humour lightly and personally.”

Hussain’s comparison to past comedians highlights a shift in the industry’s acceptance of humor and reflects on the importance of maintaining a light-hearted approach amidst critiques and jests within the field.

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