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Zara Noor Abbas manifests hope, urges people to ‘be kinder’ | The Express Tribune

Actor Zara Noor Abbas took to Instagram with a personal post about the world going through difficult times, particularly Muslims, hinting at the intense violence unfolding against Palestinians at the hands of Israel.

The Badshah Begum star expressed her conflicted sentiments over experiencing personal joy while many across the world continue to suffer. “So much goes on in our lives that we want to share with people whom we love, or who matter, or who celebrate you and your successes,” she addressed her fans in a caption attached to a picture of the lit oil lamps.

“But at a time like this, where the world is showing glimpses of hell, Muslims are facing atrocities that are devastating and dangerous for future and current generations, it feels so guilty to be feeling content or happy at the milestones of our lives that we have achieved,” the actor further penned.

“I hope and pray that as time goes by, with the help of the divine, we can overcome this dark time as it’s taken a huge toll on everybody on Earth,” Zara shared before urging her fans to exercise compassion. “Please. Please. Be kinder. Be nicer. Everyone is going through something or the other. Everyone’s putting on a brave front right now when almost everything is falling apart.”

She concluded, “So I lit some [oil lamps] today around Maghreb, just to find hope to hold on to and send positive vibrations to everyone who is on the high tide of the seas. Hang in there!”

Zara has been one of the vocal supporters of Palestine since the latest armed conflict with Israel began after October 7 attack by Hamas. The actor has used her Instagram platform to raise awareness about the escalating humanitarian crisis, vehemently criticising Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory.

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