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Hosting Asia Cup becomes a headache for PCB

The upcoming Asia Cup 2023 has become a source of concern for the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) as the Indian team has refused to play in Pakistan, threatening the event’s significance. 

The Pakistan Cricket Board is currently exploring the possibility of relocating the upcoming Asian tournament from its originally scheduled host and is evaluating potential alternate venues in the UAE or Sri Lanka

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The Asia Cup is set to take place in the month of September, but with India’s reluctance to participate, the PCB may have to find a solution soon.

The boycott of the ICC World Cup 2023 scheduled in India is also not feasible due to the expected loss of billions of rupees. PCB officials are looking for a way to salvage the Asia Cup without jeopardizing their position on the Indian team’s boycott. 

The Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) management committee, Najam Sethi, held separate meetings with officials from India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and the UAE to discuss various options.

If the event proceeds without their participation, it will result in no income through broadcast and other means, making it challenging to back down from the situation. Therefore, organizers are making efforts to find a solution and there is no intention of leaving the event.

Therefore, the PCB is considering swapping the event with the next host, with Pakistan taking on this year’s hosting duties and giving up the next event.

Several days ago, this report was published in “Express” that only Indian team matches are being considered in UAE.

However, this plan would lead to a significant increase in expenses, not just for India but also for the other participating teams. 

Despite the challenges, the board is committed to finding a solution that will allow the Asia Cup to proceed. 

They recognize the importance of the event and are determined to ensure that it is not canceled.

The Asian Cricket Council (ACC) and the International Cricket Council (ICC) are also involved in the discussions, and a middle way is being sought.

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