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Naomi Osaka’s secret mid-game notebook moment steals the spotlight

Naomi Osaka’s secret mid-game notebook moment remained a captivating mystery, leaving fans eagerly speculating

Naomi Osaka is out of the Australian Open after a first-round defeat. — AFP 

Tennis icon Naomi Osaka’s early exit from the tournament took a backseat to an intriguing mid-game moment that had fans buzzing in a surprising twist at the Australian Open. 

The Japanese sensation, a four-time Grand Slam winner, faced 16th seed Caroline Garcia in the first round, and while the match ended in defeat for Osaka, it was a mysterious act during the game that captured everyone’s attention.

Osaka’s clash with Garcia proved to be a challenging one, resulting in a 6-4, 7-6 loss for the former world number one. However, it wasn’t the scoreline that had spectators talking. In the midst of the second set, Osaka pulled out a notebook during a change of ends, sparking a flurry of speculation about its contents. 

Social media erupted with questions and theories, with fans pondering whether it held match notes or perhaps served as a distraction from the intense match.

The Tennis Letter raised eyebrows on Twitter, stating, “Naomi Osaka doing some reading during her match against Caroline Garcia. It’s either match notes or just a really good book she can’t wait to finish.” The curious sight quickly became a talking point, with users across platforms sharing their theories on the purpose of the mysterious notebook.

Despite the distraction, Garcia, Osaka’s opponent, commended her rival after securing a spot in the second round. Garcia acknowledged Osaka’s remarkable career and resilience, especially considering her 15-month hiatus and return to the court after becoming a mother just six months ago.

Reflecting on her defeat, Osaka expressed disappointment but highlighted her determination to work hard and play more matches to fulfill her dreams. Meanwhile, Garcia prepared for her second-round clash against Madgalena Frech.

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