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What happens when Zainab Abbas writes ‘facts’ about players?

Zainab Abbas. — Twitter/@ZAbbasOfficial

Fan-favourite Pakistani presenter Zainab Abbas, who has gained much acclaim over the past few years, has shared that the parent of a “notable player” called her after she wrote unfavourable facts about the player on social media.

During an interview with a digital sports network, Abbas, who has represented Pakistan in cricket tournaments all around the world, was asked how fans reacted when she wrote unfavourable things about players.

Abbas laughed and said that not only fans but also parents of players would reach out to her to not say negative things.

“I am not lying here. I got a call from the parent of a notable cricketer. I was asked to not write something I wrote about the cricketer based on facts. Whatever I wrote was just based on facts and you can find that on Cricinfo,” she disclosed.

“It happens,” she added.

Abbas’s voice in Pakistan cricket is too familiar. Cricket fans follow her opinions related to the game.

Meanwhile, in the same interview, she also claimed that certain players present gifts to journalists and ask for favours.

“I know for a fact that certain players have been giving a lot of gifts to certain journalists to make sure that they talk in their favour. This is a rather common practice. You increase your [digital] following, and this all happens automatically. But yes, this is a very prevalent practice. If not gifts, then tickets can do the deal as well,” the presenter said.

Moreover, she said social media trends for players are probably run by their managers and players mostly don’t have any idea about it.

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