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As hundreds of earthquakes shake Iceland, authorities warn of a ‘high likelihood’ of volcanic eruption

The Icelandic Meteorological Office said Monday that more than 700 earthquakes were recorded in the area that day. On Tuesday, that number dropped significantly, with officials saying that 165 earthquakes were detected since midnight. The agency added, however, that the drop-off may be to bad weather passing over the country that can hamper the ability of seismic instruments to pick up the smallest temblors.

“Given the weather forecast for the next two days, which indicates precipitation and significant wind, it can be expected that both the sensitivity of earthquake detection and real-time GPS monitoring by the IMO will be affected,” the agency said in a statement.

So far, operations at Keflavik Airport have not been disrupted, but the country’s Civil Protection Agency said the possibility of air traffic disturbance from an eruption “cannot be entirely ruled out.”

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