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Buy More, Spend Less – 5 Effective Tips To Reduce Your Grocery Bill… By A Ton!

At a certain point in life, we all face the harsh reality of spending too much money… on food! Yes! Food and grocery items are expensive. Whether you are a student, a newly independent office-goer, or a parent trying to make ends meet, grocery shopping on a budget can seem tricky. Especially when there is so much to choose from. You can cut down on your daily coffee runs and even your electricity bill, but there’s one thing you can’t cut from your budget – food. So how do you manage these costly grocery bills? Just because you are on a budget does not mean you have to sacrifice your needs. It’s about shopping smarter and making mindful choices when roaming around the aisle. If you are someone who is looking for tips to spend less on your groceries, then fret not. We have compiled 5 effective and easy tips to reduce your grocery bill.

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Planning meals ahead of time can save you money while grocery shopping.
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Here are 5 Tips to Reduce Your Grocery Bill

1. Plan Your Meals 

The first step to reducing your grocery bill is planning. Plan your meals and make a list of all the things that you require. While we know it is hard to quantify, planning ahead of your monthly grocery shopping could save you a ton. Make a week’s meal plan and stick to it religiously. This step would ensure you don’t indulge in impulsive buying and only purchase stuff that you need. Also, making a list could help you remember important items which could skip your mind. 

2. Make Better Use Of Freezer

When was the last time you skimmed through your kitchen cabinet to use the nuts especially bought for homemade halwa? If you want to save money on your grocery bill, then you should start highlighting and utilising what you already have at home. More often than not, we buy groceries and keep them in the back of kitchen cabinets or freezer shelves for “future use.” But tomorrow never comes, right? Keep an eye on the “best before” tags of perishable products in your pantry, and freeze them if you are not planning on using them soon. Label them clearly with the date they went in and its expiry date.

3. Membership

Want to feel exclusive but also save money? Buy a membership! Big box chain stores advertise themselves by highlighting all types of discounts and offers that a person could avail. But what they don’t mention is that it is exclusive to members only. Buying a membership in these big box stores is not tough and honestly, very economical in the long run. When you become a member, you also earn loyalty points which could be used later on to make payments on groceries.

Buy a membership to avail discounts while grocery shopping.

Buy a membership to avail offers while grocery shopping.
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4. Buy Generic Items

Are you a brand freak? If yes, then it’s time to rethink your preferences. While grocery shopping, look for generic brands rather than the popular ones. There is no denying that branded food is way more expensive than its generic counterparts. While saving an extra ₹10 to ₹15 may not seem much, saving a couple of rupees while shopping in bulk can save you a lot. Also, it is worth pointing out that many generic products are manufactured in the same facilities as your preferred brands, but have a lower price tag.

5. Compare Prices Between Stores

Has your mother ever asked you to buy groceries from a specific store and not the other one right beside it? That is for economic purposes. If there are a couple of grocery stores nearby where you live, then comparing prices between them could save you a lot of money. Consider shopping at a few stores and then compare your bills to understand the price difference. You can also learn which grocery store has the items you need for a lesser price range and also learn about the sale schemes that they run.

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Do you have any other tips to save money on your grocery bill? Let us know in the comments below!

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