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Cruise ship that touts its

The Ocean Explorer expedition has been touted as a cruise ship “purpose-built for expedition travel to the world’s most remote destinations,” complete with “cutting-edge technology” and its “navigation capabilities.” 

But on Tuesday, it ran aground in a national park in northeast Greenland

The Joint Arctic Command said the ship grounded in Alpefjord, part of the Northeast Greenland National Park, the world’s largest national park, on Tuesday. According to Greenland travel site Visit Greenland, the remote area is an area considered an “Arctic Desert” because annual rainfall is so low. 

There was no damage to the vessel that could cause a risk to the environment. 

“A cruise ship in trouble in the National Park is of course worrisome,” Arctic Command Commander Capt. Brian Jensen said in a statement, adding, however, that the units available to help were not able to do so immediately and that the weather in the area can be “unfavorable,” according to a translation. “… In the specific situation, however, we do not see acute danger to human life or the environment, which is reassuring.” 

The Ocean Explorer expedition cruise ship has run aground in Greenland with more than 200 people onboard. 

SIRIUS/Arctic Command

The closest ship available to help the vessel can be there no sooner than Friday morning, assuming the weather holds up, the command said, but officials said they were in contact with another cruise ship to standby should they be needed. 

As of Wednesday morning Eastern time, the cruise ship was still grounded, officials said.

The Ocean Explorer is among an “award-winning Infinity-class of vessels,” according to Aurora Expeditions, which offers excursions on the vessel. According to the company, the Ocean Explorer is meant to accommodate 134 expeditioners. The Joint Arctic Command says that when they came across the vessel, there were 206 people onboard. 

The ship was designed with luxury, offering “state-of-the-art amenities,” including an onboard gym, jacuzzi, lounges, a spa, an atrium, a library and more. 

While officials said the situation remains “difficult,” they’ve “gained assurance that the crew and passengers of Ocean Explorer are in good condition,” according to a translation. 

“The atmosphere on the ship is good and everyone on board is fine,” the Joint Arctic Command said on Facebook

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