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Dan Levy recalls excitement he had meeting Adele for the first time

Adele’s early professional mentor Dan Levy says he had to work hard to get her on MTV Canada.

During her Friday night appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the Schitt’s Creek actress recounted meeting the formerly “little-known musician” while she was touring the UK in support of her 2008 debut album, 19.

After falling in love with her, Levy knew he wanted to have her on MTV Live when he found out she was on tour in Canada and soon after received a job offer from MTV Canada. However, he found that his superiors weren’t quite as excited as he was.

“I said to my producers, ‘You absolutely have to get this girl on the show. We have to talk to her and she has to perform,’” the Good Grief actor and producer remembered. “And my bosses at the time were like, ‘It’s not Sum41, so no.’”

Levy said, “There was a rage in my eye,” when he heard their reaction, and thought, “It was early days, I could have quit.”

But he was adamant about getting Adele on the show, and he eventually persuaded his superiors after some convincing.

“You could hear a pin drop,” he recalled of her performance in MTV Live‘s small studio. “She has a power that can stop a room. … It was unbelievable.”

The fact that Adele, the singer of Easy on Me, has gone on to win 16 Grammy Awards and an Oscar for her music shows that Levy knew exactly what he was talking about when he recognised her potential.

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