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Drew Barrymore calls Renee Rapp ‘protector’ in light of alleged stalker encounter

Drew Barrymore gushes over Renee Rapp over alleged stalker encounter

Drew Barrymore has recently gushed over Reneé Rapp after alleged stalker encounter.

On Friday’s episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, the Never Been Kissed actress was in conversation with Rapp, who came with the cast of movie musical Mean Girls.

Addressing Rapp, Barrymore said, “You and I, by the way, you’re my protector.”

“Reneé and I had an incident recently where this guy came to attack me on a stage that I was [on] with Reneé, and she mama-beared out and protected me so well,” recalled the Charlie’s Angels actress.

Barrymore revealed that Rapp was “protective and amazing” throughout the whole situation.

Earlier in August 2023, Barrymore was leading a discussion about Rapp’s debut album, Snow Angel in New York City.

Suddenly, a man out of nowhere charged towards the stage and then security guards stepped forward. In all this, Rapp grabbed Barrymore and led her off the stage to safety.

Once the situation was under control, Barrymore and Rapp again started their discussion, with the Blended actress added that Rapp went “full Bodyguard” during the ordeal.

Barrymore quipped, “You are my Kevin Costner.”

Meanwhile, the same man was temporarily detained outside Barrymore’s New York home a few days later via Deadline.

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