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George Clooney describes ‘direction’ as fun: Here’s why

George Clooney opens up about direction in a new interview

George Clooney has recently confessed he finds direction fun.

In a new interview with Sky News, Clooney, who directed The Boys In the Boat, said, “It’s more fun, you have a lot more control. I get to boss them around and I don’t have to learn how to row.”

“Directing is a fun thing to do. It’s fun to come in in the morning and it’s fun to write a screenplay and then have somebody build a set that you wrote, it really is,” stated the Gravity star.

Clooney explained, “As you get older, you need to have other things to do. You can’t just do one thing. I’m lucky because I’m 62 and I get to do the stuff I love, and a lot of people don’t get that.”

The two-time Oscar winner mentioned, “I’m well aware of it, and I celebrate it because, you know, if I’m not having fun, I think people would be really pissed off. If they look at my life, you go, ‘If you’re not enjoying that, then, you know, then who knows.’”

Clooney pointed out, “I only want to work with people that want to be there and like what they do because these are long hours, they are hard. It’s hard to do. No one’s here to complain.”

“We’re not complaining. But they are long hours and it’s a lot of work. And so, people have to enjoy what they do, because I really don’t want to be around people that don’t want to come out of their trailer,” added the actor.

Clooney concluded, “I still like acting, I have fun. I just did a film with Brad Pitt, he’s an up-and-coming actor.”

Meanwhile, The Boys in the Boat is reportedly in theatres now.

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