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“I Got Food Poisoning Just Looking At This”: Internet Reacts To Bizarre Chocolate Vegetable Rice Bowl

For every Indian foodie, dal chawal is the ultimate comfort food. Simple home-cooked lentils and rice with ghee tadka hits differently. Rice has always been a staple in Indian cuisine and foodies love to pair it with anything and everything, be it chhole, rajma or chicken curry. But chocolate pudding would definitely be the last one of these. The reason we made this bizarre comparison is because a vlogger named Scott Hentzepeter shared a video demonstrating the making of a chocolate rice bowl. Well, the clip not only shows him making this bizarre food combo, but he went ahead and even dared to taste it. The clip begins with Scott mixing an entire packet of chocolate chip cookies in boiling water. He starts pressing the biscuits so their crispy hard structure transforms into a mashed pudding-like consistency. Once the entire water is soaked up by the pudding, he adds canned carrots and peas into the pan. Next, he tops it with chopped sweet corn. After cooking it for some time and mixing it all properly, he transfers the vegetable pudding on top of the boiled, cooked rice, kept in a bowl. Not just this, he also tasted this combo and rated it 8 score out of 10.

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Needless to say, the internet was not impressed with his food combination. Several users flooded the comments section with their reactions. A comment read, “First I was like: Ewww, cooked cookies, then hey, this looks delicious, maybe something good will come out of it, then: Ewwww.”

A user questioned, “What is wrong with you?”

Another wrote, “I got food poisoning just looking at this.”

“When I saw cookies and vegetables I was like yup he is retared (sic),” read a comment.

Another read, “This guy loves food poisoning himself, keep doing it and soon you will stop posting.”

A few claimed that if British Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay sees this combo, he would definitely not be happy about it. A user commented, “This bouta give Gordon Ramsay a heart attack.”

So far the video has been played more than 30 million times. Would you like to try this combo?

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