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King Charles III hints at abdicating throne for Prince William

Britain’s Charles III, who has reached the milestone of his first year as king on Friday (September 8), seems to abdicate the throne for his eldest son Prince William, according to a new report.

The 74-year-old, who slipped into his new role with apparent ease after some 70 years waiting as her heir, has so far proved to be a smart monarch and received praise from his fans and world leaders for his sensible approach to deal with the issues.

But, some royal experts and historians still believe that the King’s some pending decisions suggest that he’s doing his duty as a caretaker for his eldest son William.

Despite expectation of reform, the British King has not yet made sweeping changes to the monarchy, fuelling perceptions that his role is temporary and he’s a caretaker, according to an expert.

“I think the transition has been much smoother than was anticipated,” Pauline Maclaran, a professor at Royal Holloway, University of London, told AFP.

Sharing her opinion on Charles’ way of running the monarchy, the professor said: “I think we can expect maybe small changes, but he is really paving the way for William, and I imagine William will be the real moderniser of the monarchy.”

Charles may relinquish the throne to William, although unlikely, it is possible as some other royal commentators think the new king knows his time on the throne may be short and he’s a ‘caretaker’ of it for his eldest son.

Fortune teller Jemima Packington, who predicted the Queen’s death, also claimed that Camilla’s husband will hand over the reign to William before his passing.

The King, according to surveys, still remains behind his late mother and son William in the popularity stakes, but his approval rating has received a significant boost since his accession.

William and Harry’s father was officially crowned alongside his wife Camilla on May 6 at London’s Westminster Abbey in front of royalty and global leaders. The lavish ceremony observed centuries-old rituals but was shorter and less elaborate than his mother’s in 1953 and aimed to be more representative of modern Britain.

Charles, who was only three years old when Queen Elizabeth II ascended to the throne in 1952, took the throne after Queen Elizabeth’s death last year in September.

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