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“Please Don’t Play With”: Fruit Golgappa Is Giving Internet A Hard Time

Call it pani-puri, puchka or golgappa, this street food has a special place in the heart of Indian foodie. The crunch of these bite-sized wonders is honestly equivalent to joyous emotions. The deadly combination of flavourful masala, lip-smacking chutneys, spicy water, and crunchy puri makes the dish irresistible. But can you imagine loading the puris with fruits? Did we hear a big NO? Well, hold on to your thoughts. A video of a street food vendor in Jaipur is going viral, as he sells fruit golgappe for Rs 70 per plate. The video, which was shared by an Instagram food page, shows a vendor dressed completely like a chef. Wearing a chef’s hat, jacket, face mask, black sunglasses, and plastic gloves, the vendor can be seen chopping a variety of fruits. Beginning with pineapples, he also slices dragon fruits, and apples, then mixes all chopped fruits. Next, he fills these chopped fruits in golgappas. The vendor is next can be seen topping them with six different flavoured curds, red chutney, pomegranates, grated radish, and chaat masala. On a plate, you get six pieces of fruit golgappa.

The video left the internet divided. While several users claimed that they tried it recently and didn’t like it, many eagerly asked the exact location of the vendor so that they could go and try it out. Some were excited to find healthy street food.

A comment read, “Tried it last night. Not good at all. I won’t recommend this. Golgappe aloo or Pani k sath hi theek hai. 1 piece khane k baad dusra nhi kha paoge. [Golgappa tastes better with masala potato and water. This you won’t be able to eat after one piece].”

Another commented, “Taste ek dum kharab hain … upar se fruit k naam pe only pineapple…yeh only video ke liye hain ….100% Raddhi hain. [It doesn’t taste good, and above that he only adds pineapple in the name of fruits. This he created just for the video].”

Even without trying the dish, a few made a preconceived notion that the dish wouldn’t taste good, as a comment read, “Fruits aur golgappa dono bekar kar diya. [He ruined the taste of both fruit and golgappa].

Another read, “It makes me sick in the stomach, don’t ruin it.”

“Golgappe are emotions. Please don’t play with them,” said a user

Some lauded the food combination, as a user said, “Finally kuch to healthy dikha…keep going.”

If given a chance, would you like to try this fruit golgappa? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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