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Prince Harry ‘never hid’ drug use from US visa officials: Source

Experts have come forward in defense of Prince Harry to warn that he ‘never lied’ to US officials about his drug use in the past, while filing out his Visa information.

Insights into whether Prince Harry ‘spoke the truth’ on his visa application have been brought to light by former top Congressional counsel Samuel Dewey.

According to The Telegraph, Prince Harry was ‘always truthful’ on his application, Mr Dewey warned.

Mr Dewey chimed into the issue and said, “There is no suggestion Prince Harry did anything wrong and, if he was granted a waiver, he may not be aware of any political strings that may have been pulled, if indeed they were.”

“But there is a danger he could become an unwitting pawn in an issue which has become a political hot potato.”

For those unversed, a conservative research institute The Heritage Foundation, wound up requesting documents from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to see the visa application.

This has been done to determine if the Duke should be kicked out of the country. 

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