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Watch: Delhi’s Bhelpuri Wala Goes Viral For His ‘Infectious’ Humour

Delhi’s street food scene is like a carnival for your taste buds, and the street vendors are the ringmasters orchestrating this flavourful extravaganza. What makes it even more fascinating is the unique way these vendors communicate with their customers. A quick nod, a friendly wave, or a skilled flick of the wrist – these gestures speak volumes. When the snack cravings hit, the go-to spot for many is a bhelpuri stall, and one such gem has been gracing the streets of Delhi’s North Campus for three decades now. What makes this spot extra special isn’t just the delicious Indian delicacy it serves up but also the charismatic vendor behind the counter. Customers aren’t just here for the bhelpuri, they’re here for the free bonus of the elderly vendor’s banter.  
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This vendor is a master of wit. Ask him a simple “kya haal chal hai? [How are you?]” and he will fire back with, “Haal aap ke aate theek ho gaya, pehle kharab tha [Your arrival has fixed things up, it wasn’t great before you showed up].” 
Responding to the woman filming him, the vendor joked, “There are all heroines over here.” He humorously added that “the shop is 38 years old, and I am 22 years old,” suggesting that age is a matter of the heart. 
Despite his energetic banter, he shared a glimpse of his daily grind – sleeping at 1 AM, waking up at 6 AM, and diving into the hustle at his stall. He shared that to achieve success, relying solely on physical strength won’t cut it; you have got to be a bit “crazy.” He admitted, “Bas thoda pagalpan hai [There is a madness inside me].” “My legs are bad, my shoulders hurt, and I have a fracture in my waist. I won’t be able to work if I see reality,” he said. 
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He explained how the business took off well, proudly mentioning that his bhelpuri chutneys are something special. 
Watch the video here: 

A user commented under the post, “His quick witty answers, and the questions without getting intimidated deserve a [applause].” 

Another user wrote that he had an “Awesome sense of humour” with a lively heart.

Someone commented that his’ was indeed “one of the best bhelpuri you will ever eat.” 

For those looking to savour the goodness, he shared that a plate of his delicious bhelpuri is priced at Rs 60. 

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